Jodi Arias Parents Failed Her

Jodi Arias clearly has mental problems! No one can kill someone, like Travis Alexander, so brutally. Jodi Arias had to have extreme rage and psychosis to butcher Travis so horrific! She tortured him! All those are signs of deep rooted mental problems that were never diagnosed!
When Jodi Arias was a child and claimed abuse with a spoon, there was a behavior problem. She also mentions her Dad pushing her around. She tries to group the other children in, but Jodi closest sibling is at least 7 years younger. So it was Jodi Arias who had problems early! She mentions the dog, and kicking him. She claims the dog ran away. Everyone knows, dogs will hang around or come back for food, even if kicked! I believe the dog is dead at the hands of Jodi Arias! That’s the first indication of psychopathy! The killing or torturing of animals and/or children. She also hit her brother in the head with a baseball bat. I saw the back of his head, and there is a long patch of hair missing. Her brother was a very young child, under 5, when this happened! If Jodi was 7 when she did this, then he was a toddler! That’s even worse!
I speak from experience! I have a daughter who was extremely shy, with extreme tantrums! My sister first notice she was hitting her younger siblings in their faces, while they were 1 and 2 years old. I started watching her closely, and never leaving her alone with the two babies! I also immediately
talked to her pediatrician at her checkup, concerning her behavior. She was 4 years old and in therapy. We went for years, all the way through high school into college. I was forced to deal with my daughter to protect the other two children in the home! I did not want to put her away, but the option was there. I stuck with her, never abusing her, but occasionally having to restrain her through her tantrums. I took a tough love approach! I received guidance from many doctors and therapist. I called the police, as instructed, when she tore up the house during her tantrums. They would take her across the road to the hospital. They tried to medicate her. The medication made her more aggressive, so it was stopped. I used bonding techniques, mommy and me time, everything. She had a genius IQ level. I kept her in school since that made her calm. She excelled and graduated from high school at 15 years old! She went to college at 15. She never got along with any roommates since they took her shyness as unfriendliness! She became more withdrawn. I encouraged her to join study groups, and clubs on campus. She volunteered at the animal shelter. She wanted to bring all the animals home from the shelter. I bought her a kitten for Christmas. She treats the kitten like a human. The kitten lives better than anyone in our home!
She continued therapy in college. She was finally given a proper diagnosis, because she began to finally express her feelings. She has social anxiety. She is afraid of people. I stuck by her and spoke to her everyday! She has even made a few friends. I encouraged her to be herself and to be proud of who she is. Her problems stem back from losing her Dad at 3.5 years old! They were close. She could not express her sadness at the time. I noticed it, and I never left her side. She graduated at 19 years old from college! She does not take medicine any longer, and she is very sociable, with caution. She plans to be a doctor, a psychiatrist! This was a natural choice for her, after taking a psychology class as a pre-med student!
So, I know that if Jodi Arias parents would have put one ounce of effort I put into my daughter’s behavior, Travis would be alive. I don’t know if her parents beat her? When a child is not controllable, get help! Do not give up on your child. I had been given so many diagnosis – depression, defiant disorder, anxiety, but I never gave up, and I never abused her. I went from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital. I was exhausted, but I never gave up!
Jodi Arias problems may have been greater – borderline, sociopath, or other personality disorders and mental illnesses. She still should have not been allowed to grow pot and get a slap on the hand. She should have never been allowed to leave home at 16, to move in with a man! My daughters were not allowed to date that young, 14 years old. My children all knew, drugs and alcohol was never allowed! I stressed those things over and over.
Jodi was allowed to do what ever she wanted to. She was allowed to drop out of high school! Her parents still had guardianship! In our state, we have one of the best school systems! The school calls you, immediately, if your child misses school. Social Services becomes involved with the family and child if they are not in school. Where was society in all this? How was she allowed to fall off the radar at 16 years old! The switching from man to man, religion to religion, job to job! She was a walking time bomb with a serious undiagnosed personality disorder or mental illness! Travis was the unlucky victim of a neglected evil soul!
Jodi Arias is beyond rehabilitation! She is extremely cunning and manipulative! She is always 3-steps ahead of her prey. She will kill again! Trust me, I know. She needs to be removed from society to protect other innocent victims, like Travis Alexander!
Jodi Arias’ Parents Failed Her

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